Quincy University Music Program Visits IC Catholic Prep

Today, the Band/Music class welcomed student-musicians from Quincy University Music to IC Catholic Prep. They were treated to a selection of live performances by the ‘No Strings Attached Saxophone Quartet,’ the “Reed Between the Lines Clarinet Trio,’ and the ’18th Street Trio.’

According to Ms. Lapwing, live music performances are an essential part of a well rounded music education. She notes “while our students are learning to become proficient musicians in their own right, it is both a pleasure and a necessity for them to see and hear others perform live, it only helps them fine tune their own musicianship.”

This is the second year that the Quincy University Music program has visited IC Catholic Prep in Elmhurst giving our students a unique firsthand experience. This is another way that our Catholic, college prep high school delivers on its promise to develop the whole student—Spirit, Mind and Body.