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The Knights football team would return to Plunkett Field one last time in their regular season. On Friday, October 11th, the Knights would face off against St. Edward’s Green Wave for the football team’s senior night. The game kicked off at 7:15 P.M. and seemed to have been over before it even started. The Knights exemplified a dominant performance, seeming to win every down of the game. The seniors played hard and well for their last non-playoff game at Plunkett, defeating the Green Wave 41-0.

“It was pretty sad knowing that that was one of the last times I could step onto Plunkett Field and go to war with my brothers but it also made me think about my four years here and how much I have gone through and how much football has helped me,” said Tommy Ryan, senior captain. “It was nice that I have to take it all in for a final time before the playoffs in my senior year,” he added. Majority of the seniors have very fond memories and ties to Plunkett field, like Tommy; therefore, stepping onto that field Friday night gave a different type of feeling. Along with his teammates, Kevin Cooke, senior captain also went through some mixed emotions after the game: “It was kind of a bittersweet feeling. It was great to win our senior night game in that fashion, but to know that was our last game on that field as seniors made it sad as well.” 

After the game and post talks were over, the seniors all gathered in the middle of the field and knelt beside each other to pray and say thanks for the good times. This group of seniors will be apart of ICCP history as majority were apart of the 3-peat state championships. The team encourages everyone to come out and watch the Knights play at Plunkett soon for their playoff run. The pairings for the state playoffs takes place Saturday, October 26th so stayed tuned. A special thank you to our 2020 seniors, GO KNIGHTS!