Junior Retreat: An Unforgettable Experience

The current junior class of ICCP attended the retreat at LaSalle Manor in Plano, IL on September 30th through October 1st. They were welcomed to the facility by the staff, who, according to juniors, were very nice and accommodating. Mr. Moore and Mrs. Tardiff did a wonderful job at letting the retreat progress in a natural way. The junior retreat was a bonding experience and a spiritual awakening for all the students who attended.

The Junior Retreat gave students the opportunity to talk outside their typical social groups. It inspired the classmates to support each other and also encouraged the students to be open and honest in deep conversations within small groups. When asked about the experience as a whole, junior Ella Gibler said, “My insight on myself and other classmates grew and made me realize that everyone has different stories.” The retreat made the students come together to participate as a whole instead of individuals, and the leaders had the students play games that involve teamwork. The retreat helped the Juniors see similarities even in the people who were considered to be polar opposites. Coming home to ICCP, the juniors were able to see that ICCP students are a part of something bigger than just themselves. No matter where they go, they still embody their individuality, but contribute their individuality as a part of the ICCP community as a whole.

The retreat provided a chance for the juniors to delve into their spirituality. The student leaders gave them time to reflect on their faith in a healing ceremony. The healing ceremony was an eye-opening experience for many. A mass was even held on the retreat to encourage the students to practice their faith if they pleased. The retreat leaders shared personal witness talks that encouraged the students to talk about their experiences. A junior, Kristen Brachmann advised “all underclassmen to go into the retreat with an open mind and a positive attitude.” Kristen referenced former principal Ms. Levar’s wise words, “You only get out what you put in,” and she thought it was a great lesson to teach the underclassmen. This a good approach when heading into the retreat because when a student goes into the retreat with an open mind it also allows em to receive the memorable opportunities they will have there.