Spring Musical Auditions are Monday, February 17

Auditions for this year’s musical are on Monday, February 17th (President’s Day) starting at 4:30pm. Students will need to prepare about 1 minute of a song of their choice.

Please ensure song is within the style of the show. (Musical Theatre, or a song that has that same quality of sound). Students will also take part in a dance audition where they will need to have non-restrictive clothing.

Callbacks will be held the same day right after auditions. If the Directors need to “call back” someone they will let those people know and any students who do not need to be seen again will be released at that time. Please note that if your student does not get a callback, that does not mean they didn’t get a role in the show. A “callback” only means the directors needed to see something again.

Please note that all times below are an estimate of the audition schedule. All times (except the start time) are subject to change. Here is the estimated break-down of Audition Day:

  • 4:30pm – Dance Auditions
  • 5:30pm – Vocal/Acting Audition (Students sing their song selection)
  • 6:30pm – Callbacks (Students who are not called back are released) (Called-back students will be released throughout callback process)
  • 7:30pm – End of Auditions