Principal Dispatch—School Reopening Plan, Part 3

Return to School Resource

Dear ICCP families,

With less than two weeks from the start of the new school year, we are excited to see everyone on August 17.

We have planned for a safe return to campus for all our students. In addition to daily temperature checks, wearing masks, regular hand-hygiene, practicing physical distancing, close attention to our indoor ventilation systems and maximum use of our outdoor space for educational purposes, we are following state and regional public health guidelines to limit exposure and facilitate easier contact tracing.

Personal Responsibility and Layered Approach for Community Health
Our plan includes three risk mitigation strategies that work together to lower the risk of infection:

  • Increased Personal Responsibilities
  • Safety Measures in School Operations
  • Intensified Facility Sanitation and Disinfection

Every member of our community has a personal responsibility to act in complete compliance with the health and safety protocols outlined by the school and endorsed by public health officials both on and off campus. We are all in this together.Please review the social agreement

In previous emails, we have shared installments of our Return to School Plan. I am excited to share our plan in its entirety at this time. The “Return to School Resource” is available online.

IC Catholic Prep’s full plan includes:

Symptom Screenings
IC Catholic Prep will conduct temperature screenings upon entry and require self-certification and verification for all staff, students, and visitors entering school buildings. Click here for a sample of the questions parents and guardians will be asked to self-certify electronically on behalf of their students on a daily basis.

Face Coverings
According to ISBE/IDPH guidelines, face coverings must always be worn in school buildings even when social distancing is maintained.

Knights Athletics
Our Athletic Director Mr. Fahey recently emailed information about the start of Fall Sports. 2020-21 ICCP Fall Athletic Letter.

Upcoming Virtual Parent/Student Zoom Meetings
On Monday, we will send another Principal Dispatch to answer any frequently asked questions. Separately, we will send an invitation for parents and students to join us in a Zoom Q/A session prior to the start of the school year.

I know that uncertainty and changing plans can be frustrating. And through it all, we can appreciate that teachers love teaching their students, parents want the most for their children, and students want to see their classmates and return to school life. I thank the many people who have contributed to formulating IC Catholic Prep’s plan, and I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as the school works to create healthy and safe conditions for starting the school year on campus.

May Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception continue to guide and protect you.


Stephen Davidson

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