Annie Eastman, Math Teacher & Tutor

We are welcoming six (6) new faculty and administrators to the IC Catholic Prep family this school year. In the following series, we are sharing short bios about each individual. Today let’s meet Mrs. Annie Eastman.

Question: I teach/work in education because…

Annie: I love working with kids and I love mathematics. I love the energy the kids bring to the table and seeing the lightbulb turn on when they finally “get it” is beyond rewarding.

Q: What inspires you about teaching?

Annie: Building confidence in students is what inspires me as a teacher. If a student is confident in their abilities, especially in a subject like math, they are more willing to challenge themselves and grow in their learning. I try to plant those seeds early on and give much encouragement along the way.

Q. Please share a quote from someone that inspires you, gives you strength and describe why when you reflect on the words.


“Jesus, I trust in you” from the Divine Mercy.

In life when horrible things happen and you have no control over them, you just have to trust in the bigger plan, even though you don’t know what that is. This quote is a reminder that God has it all worked out, and that He will take care of you through it all. When you start to trust, you begin to see His love all around you.This poem written by Assata Shakur touches on many essential elements of the world. Living is what makes us human, love takes work, and truth is the most powerful force. Everyone is capable of redemption and even the lost and the broken can be made whole through love and truth.

Q: In your brief tenure with IC Catholic Prep, what impresses you the most? Why?

Annie: By far, the staff is what has impressed me the most about IC Catholic Prep since I’ve been here. They have all been extremely kind and helpful to me, really going out of their way to check in and see how I’m doing and if I need help with anything.

Q: Undergraduate Degree, Major, School and Graduate Degree, Major, School


  • BA, Pure Mathematics, University of Michigan
  • MA, Secondary Education Mathematics, Roosevelt University