World Languages

The World Language Department offers courses in the Italian, Latin, and Spanish languages and cultures. Spanish and Italian courses are designed to establish a link between communication and culture, which is applied in making connections and comparisons and in using this competence to be part of local and global communities.  Each level strives to develop student confidence in the oral and written expression of the language through real-life situations that would allow a student to confidently navigate life in the target language. Through the Latin curriculum, students develop reading proficiency so that they can engage with authentic Latin authors.

Photo of Ms. Elisa Mascorro Ms. Elisa Mascorro Chair, World Languages

Degree(s) Earned:
BA – Middle & Secondary Education – Spanish Language & Literature at Marquette University
MA – Comparative & International Education at Loyola University
MA – Instructional Leadership at Loyola University

Photo of Mr. Joseph Paolelli Mr. Joseph Paolelli

Degree(s) Earned:
BA – Religious Studies at Northwestern University
MA – Biblical Languages and Literature at Loyola University

Photo of Mrs. Jacqueline Gutierrez Mrs. Jacqueline Gutierrez

Degree(s) Earned:
BA – Spanish/Mexican & Caribbean Studies at Northeastern Illinois University

Photo of Ms. Raffaella Lostumbo Ms. Raffaella Lostumbo

Degree(s) Earned:
BA – Spanish, Italian/French at Dominican University
MA – ESL at Dominican University

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Graduation Requirements
Required Credits
World Languages
2 credits of the same language
(Class of 2023 and beyond)
World Language or Fine Arts
2 credits of the same language
(Class of 2020-2022)