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The ICCP Booster Club works with the high school administration and the Athletic Director to provide financial assistance and volunteer services in support of ICCP athletic programs.

IC Catholic Prep parents and guardians, alumni and family members may become members of the Booster Club. No one under the age of twenty-one may become a member of the Booster Club.

Booster Club Information

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  • Officers

    President—Ian Levy
    Vice President—Steve Hilgart
    Thank you for supporting ICCP Athletics. Go Knights!
  • Meetings

    Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month.
    Location: IC Catholic Prep Campus (217 Cottage Hill, Elmhurst) at 7:00 PM
  • Fundraisers & NFL Raffle

    NFL Raffle is a weekly contest and winners are announced every Wednesday during the season.

    Fall 2023 Winner Results:

    Week 1
    108 pts $250 Jim Nessling (ticket sold by Bella Otte)
    107 pts $150 Kimberly Theis (ticket sold by Bailee Salazar) 
    104 pts $63 Maricela Falcon (ticket sold by Brandon)
    104 pts $63 Dakota Vostry (ticket sold by Jordan Blum)
    16 pts $25 Julie Mackey (ticket sold by Alaimo Family)
    18 pts $20 Sue Westhoff (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)

    Week 2
    108 pts $250 Bob Crawford (ticket sold by Barb Crawford)
    107 pts $150 Tina Bramwell (ticket sold by Sofia Roberts) 
    106 pts $63 Alex Urquizo (ticket sold by Tyler Manzano)
    106 pts $63 Maricela Falcon (ticket sold by Brandon)
    36 pts $23 Carmen Diaz
    36 pts $23 Diane Narcisi (ticket sold by Alaimo Family)

    Week 3
    148 pts $250 Kevin Fischer (ticket sold by Kristy Mitchell)
    138 pts $150 Elpidio Lara (ticket sold by Nella Saal) 
    137 pts $75 Patricia Graf (ticket sold by Juliana Lucas)
    135 pts $25 Margaret Costello (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
    135 pts $25 Jaime Murillo (ticket sold by Jayden Murillo)
    22 pts $25 Jose Vera (ticket sold by Hector and Olivia Ramos)
    23 pts $20 Kevin McCollum (ticket sold by Aubrey McCollum)

    Week 4
    117 pts $200 Elise Holland (ticket sold by Jason Holland)
    117 pts $200 Alma Ortiz (ticket sold by Angel Diaz) 
    114 pts $63 Reginald Weatherly 
    114 pts $63 David Schabow (ticket sold by Monse Rivas)
    12 pts $25 Ruben Bonilla, Jr (ticket sold by Bailee Salazar)
    15 pts $5 Tony Thakkar (ticket sold by Jayleen Martinez)
    15 pts $5 Juan Chavez (ticket sold by E. Chavez)
    15 pts $5 Kirk Kreikemeier (ticket sold by Hendrik Noth)
    15 pts $5 K&K Frisco (ticket sold by Riley's Gathering Place)

    Week 5
    124 pts $250 Patrick Lucas (ticket sold by Suzie Bauernfeind)
    116 pts $113 James Sparacino (ticket sold by Suzie Bauernfeind) 
    116 pts $113 Bertha Ruiz (ticket sold by Elsa Ruiz)
    113 pts $25 Nora Acabe (ticket sold by Hendrik Noth)
    113 pts $25 Laverne Little (ticket sold by Kamarion Reese)
    13 pts $25 Javier Correa (ticket sold by Mia Noah)
    17 pts $20 Herb Brosnan (ticket sold by Hendrik Noth)

    Week 6
    105 pts $250 Fr. Gerald Riva (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
    99 pts $150 Tom Burke (ticket sold by Bard Crawford) 
    96 pts $75 Collin Smith (ticket sold by Jordan Blum)
    95 pts $50 Ricardo Martinez (ticket sold by Arianna Zapata)
    24 pts $25 Oscar Guillen (ticket sold by Jaden Guillen)
    26 pts $20 Dave Zanghi (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)

    Week 7
    108 pts $250 Julio Perez (ticket sold by Joaquin Andrade)
    107 pts $92 Maureen Undine (ticket sold by Maureen Undine) 
    107 pts $92 Marrio Golden (ticket sold by Kamarion Reese)
    107 pts $92 Esteban Class (ticket sold by Armani Negron)
    23 pts $25 Julie Mackey (ticket sold by Alaimo Family)
    29 pts $10 Aidas Benes (ticket sold by Jalesa Medrano)
    29 pts $10 Bob and Pattie Nowak (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)

    Week 8
    112 pts $250 Margaret Costello (ticket sold by Maureen Undine
    108 pts $150 Janet Schmidt (ticket sold by Elina Chavez) 
    106 pts $75 Dave Fiyalko (ticket sold by Suzie Bauernfiend)
    105 pts $13 Jeff Garceau (ticket sold by Arianna Torres)
    105 pts $13 Henry Krvie (ticket sold by Jason Holland)
    105 pts $13 Edgar Gomez(ticket sold by Alondra-Abigail Gomez)
    105 pts $13 Jeff Lemke (ticket sold by Bailee Salazar)
    29 pts $25 TJ Tyrell (ticket sold by Steve Hilgart)
    32 pts $7 Pavel Merenda (ticket sold by Filip Merenda)
    32 pts $7 Andrew Hurtado (ticket sold by Damaris Garcia)
    32 pts $7 Debbie Ferrer (ticket sold by Kayla Velez)

    Week 9
    101 pts $50 Phil Zaleski (ticket sold by Ian Levy)
    105 pts $250 Ashley Thorson (ticket sold by Abby Thorson)
    103 pts $113 James Drost (ticket sold by Maureen Undine) 
    103 pts $113 Bill Jusack (ticket sold by Connie Arreno)
    15 pts $25 Omar Aguirre (ticket sold by Anthony Santoyo)
    17 pts $20 Imeldo Navarrete (ticket sold by Milo Lazcano)

    Week 10
    128 pts $250 Nando Delrio (ticket sold by Leyden Bears)
    124 pts $150 Bob Jones (ticket sold by Tim Butterly) 
    121 pts $75 Ceaser Siguenza (ticket sold by Dylan Okikas)
    117 pts $25 Dave Fiyalko (ticket sold by Suzie Bauernfiend)
    117 pts $25 Michele Kolniak (ticket sold by Aisaiah Mata)
    19 pts $15 Mariela Lopez (ticket sold by Mia Vasquez)
    19 pts $15 Guillermo Gomez (ticket sold by Alandra-Abigail Gomez)
    19 pts $15 Paul Harrison (ticket sold by Katie Fuentes)

    Week 11
    99 pts $250 Selina Santos (ticket sold by Alaimo Family)
    98 pts $150 Hugo Martinez (ticket sold by Leonidas Tellez) 
    97 pts $42 Patty Ortiz (ticket sold by KJ Reese)
    97 pts $42 Gustavo Castellon (ticket sold by Fidel Henandez)
    97 pts $42 Bibiana Rodriguez (ticket sold by Leyden Bears)
    25 pts $25 Misha Ulmet (ticket sold by Carl Alaimo)
    26 pts $10 Bertha Ruiz (ticket sold by Elsa Ruiz)
    26 pts $10 Joe Laluya (ticket sold by Hilgart Family)

    Week 12
    116 pts $200 Jim Mullen (ticket sold by Patrick Mullen)
    116 pts $200 Keith Chilson (ticket sold by Mckenzie Klung) 
    111 pts $63 Mariana Perez (ticket sold by Anthony Perez)
    111 pts $63 Robin Geyer-Thomsen
    27 pts $8 Cathy McDermott (ticket sold by Barb Crawford)
    27 pts $8 Jason Briesem (ticket sold by Bailee Salazar)
    27 pts $8 Noel Guguare (ticket sold by Jalesa R. Medrono)
    27 pts $8 Alexis Hill (ticket sold by Bella Pescua)
    27 pts $8 Kelsey Ortiz (ticket sold by Sophia Ortiz)
    27 pts $8 Mark Storer (ticket sold by Juliana Lucas)

    Week 13
    128 pts $250 Abe Urquizo (ticket sold by Tyler Manzano)
    122 pts $113 Brandon Magana (ticket sold by Noah Cuautle) 
    122 pts $113 Dr. Sam Ciccarelli (ticket sold by Juliana Lucas)
    120 pts $50 Ashley Torres (ticket sold by Nathan Delgado)
    14 pts $25 Matt Farber (ticket sold by Jordan Blum)
    20 pts $10 Robert Geyer-Thomsen
    20 pts $10 Naomi Garcia (ticket sold by Mia Alvarez)

    Week 14
    104 pts $250 Rick Hoehn (ticket sold by Damacis Garcia)
    102 pts $150 Mariela Lopes (ticket sold by Mia Vasquez) 
    101 pts $75 Denise Juarez (ticket sold by Leyden Bears)
    99 pts $13 Sharonda Scott (ticket sold by Kamarion Reese)
    99 pts $13 Holly Urbain (ticket sold by Nick Levy)
    99 pts $13 Dillon Cosgrove (ticket sold by Tim Butterly)
    99 pts $13 Lou Minaglia (ticket sold by Bailee Salazar)
    12 pts $25 Karen Huston (ticket sold by Eliana Chavez)
    17 pts $20 Gustavo Castellon (ticket sold by Fidel Hernandez)

    Week 15
    139 pts $250 Marianne Brazouski (ticket sold by Suzie Bauernfiend)
    136 pts $150 Ricky Mysliwie (ticket sold by Brandon) 
    135 pts $75 Jose Ruiz (ticket sold by Noah Cuautle)
    132 pts $50 Virginia Cuautle (ticket sold by Noah Cuautle.. again)
    16 pts $23 Alexander Colunga (ticket sold by Leyden Bears)
    16 pts $23 Jesus Martinez (ticket sold by Jayleen Martinez)

    Week 16
    103 pts $250 Daniel Quiros (ticket sold by Natalie Lopez)
    100 pts $113 Shaun Flander (ticket sold by Levy Family) 
    100 pts $113 Marty Muzik (ticket sold by Carlito Aliamo)
    99 pts $17 Ashley Thorson (ticket sold by Addy Thorson)
    99 pts $17 Connie Annoreno (ticket sold by Connie Annoreno)
    99 pts $17 Hilaria Mendez (ticket sold by Diana Mendez)
    36 pts $25 Christi Kerner (ticket sold by Patrick Mullen)
    17 pts $20 Kenny Flores (ticket sold by Eliana Chavez)

    Week 17
    130 pts $250 Bertha Ruiz (ticket sold by Elsa Ruiz)
    126 pts $150 Marlon Washington
    123 pts $75 Robert Undine (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
    120 pts $50 Loretta Campbell (ticket sold by Leyden Bears 11U)
    12 pts $25 Javier Mendoza (ticket sold by Mckenzie)
    23 pts $20 Terry Riley (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)

    Week 18
    116 pts $250 Oscar Najera (ticket sold by Natalia Martinez)
    109 pts $113 Fr. Gerald Riva (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
    109 pts $113 Francisco Aguinoga (ticket sold by Alditi Garcia)
    107 pts $50 Kym Turco (ticket sold by Rickert Family) 
    12 pts $25 Joe Zanghi (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
    13 pts $10 Daniel Garcia (ticket sold by Damaris Garcia) 
    13 pts $10 Jose A. Puga (ticket sold by Anella Snail) 

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