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The ICCP Booster Club works with the high school administration and the Athletic Director to provide financial assistance and volunteer services in support of ICCP athletic programs.

IC Catholic Prep parents and guardians, alumni and family members may become members of the Booster Club. No one under the age of twenty-one may become a member of the Booster Club.

Booster Club Information

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  • Officers

    President—Ian Levy
    Vice President—Steve Hilgart
    Thank you for supporting ICCP Athletics. Go Knights!
  • Meetings

    Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month.
    Location: IC Catholic Prep Campus (217 Cottage Hill, Elmhurst) at 7:00 PM
  • Fundraisers & NFL Raffle

    NFL Raffle is a weekly contest and winners are announced every Wednesday during the season.

    Fall 2023 Winner Results:

    Week 1
    108 pts $250 Jim Nessling (ticket sold by Bella Otte)
    107 pts $150 Kimberly Theis (ticket sold by Bailee Salazar) 
    104 pts $63 Maricela Falcon (ticket sold by Brandon)
    104 pts $63 Dakota Vostry (ticket sold by Jordan Blum)
    16 pts $25 Julie Mackey (ticket sold by Alaimo Family)
    18 pts $20 Sue Westhoff (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)

    Week 2
    108 pts $250 Bob Crawford (ticket sold by Barb Crawford)
    107 pts $150 Tina Bramwell (ticket sold by Sofia Roberts) 
    106 pts $63 Alex Urquizo (ticket sold by Tyler Manzano)
    106 pts $63 Maricela Falcon (ticket sold by Brandon)
    36 pts $23 Carmen Diaz
    36 pts $23 Diane Narcisi (ticket sold by Alaimo Family)
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