What is an e-Learning Day?

An e-Learning Day is an official attendance day of school when the students and teachers stay at home due to school cancellation for weather or other emergency situations, yet learning continues moving forward as students remotely leverage digital tools and engage in teacher-prepared learning modules.

e-Learning days are implemented when classes are cancelled for two consecutive days.

Decisions to cancel school are made on a day to day basis.

Notifications will be sent out daily through School Reach.

Student Expectations

Students should check their ICCP email accounts regularly.

Students should check their Google Classrooms by 10am on designated E-Days to ensure that they can communicate with their teachers any questions regarding posted assignments. 

Students should expect 30-40 minutes of work from each class.

Students must complete assignments and submit them to their teacher(s) via the requested format (Google docs, AP Classroom, etc) by the next class period or the deadline communicated by the teacher.

Students can communicate questions to their teachers before 2:00 p.m. via email in order to receive a response that same day.

Teacher Expectations

Teachers must post course work in Google Classroom by 9:00 a.m. daily.

Teachers must review and respond to student emails by 2:00 p.m.

Assignments should be meaningful to the outcomes of the course and essential to the pacing of the curriculum.

Assignments may be collected and graded. Teachers should specify which electronic platform (google docs, AP classroom, etc) students are meant to use to complete the transaction.

Teachers should avoid long reading assignments, tedious worksheets and extended problem sets.

Assignments should not equal more than 40 minutes per class, as students may have assigned work in all of their courses.

Teachers can expect students to submit an assignment or complete a formative assessment by the next class period.


Should a student expect assignments in each of their classes?

Teachers will decide that having students work on assignments outside of class will help mitigate the loss of direct instructional time. Courses that rely solely on in-class materials may choose not to assign work during an e-learning day.  A message will be posted in Google classrooms if there is no assignment for the day.

Should teachers and students be available for all four hours (10AM – 2PM) of an e-Learning day?

This is not a reasonable expectation for teachers or students. Both teachers and students will have family obligations. The expectation is for both groups is to check periodically and respond if necessary.

What about a student that doesn’t have Internet access at home?

Students who currently do not have internet access at home should leave a message for the Assistant Principal at 630.530.3474 or email for assistance.

Students without internet access will receive extensions on the required e-learning day assignments when school resumes.

Counseling Access on E-Learning Days

Will students have access to their counselors?

Mrs. Field and Ms. Ortiz will be available during E-learning Days. Students and parents are advised to contact counselors via email or phone. Mrs. Field and Ms. Ortiz will be checking their emails and voice-messages periodically and reply to each as soon as possible during school hours (8am-4pm) Monday through Friday.

Mrs. Field email or 630-530-3472

Ms. Ortiz email or 630-530-3487

Counseling Services and Supports

Refer to the counseling page on our school website for information regarding academic, college/career and social/emotional supports.

What if I’m in crisis? Go to your nearest emergency room, or call 911. In addition, there are other services options listed on our website here.

Transcript Requests

Transcript request forms are available on Plus-Portals under student forms.

Complete form

Take a picture of the completed form

Email to Ms. Bon for processing: click here for email

Check your student email for emails from Ms. Bon regarding issues/questions with your request. 

Payment can be made upon return to school.