Our Curriculum

Physical Education & Health

The Physical Education and Health Department offers a sequential educational program that focuses on the development of sustained physical fitness throughout their lifetime. Students improve their motor and cognitive skills to establish a healthy lifestyle while understanding how their bodies work. Our comprehensive curriculum provides students the opportunity to develop body awareness, explore movement, discover cooperative and recreational games, improve sport-specific skills, experience team sports, study/practice fitness based activities, and study the coaching and sport management industry.

Physical Education Course Offerings

1.5 Credits of PE Courses + 1/2 credit of Health Course Required

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  • Physical Education I

    Grade 9
    0.5 Credit
  • Physical Education II

    Grade 10-12
    0.5 Credit
  • Weight Training & Conditioning

    Grade 10-12
    0.5 Credit
  • Health

    Grade 10
    0.5 Credit
  • Physical Education: Junior/Senior Leaders

    Grades 11-12
    0.5 Credit
  • Physical Education: Summer Offering (Co-Educational)

    Grades 10-12
    0.5 Credit
Students Can Take Physical Education II Or Weight Training & Conditioning To Fulfill Requirement

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Graduation Requirements Required Credits
Physical Education 1.5 credits
Health 0.5 credit