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Parish & Other Joliet Diocese Scholarships

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  • Kazma Family Foundation Scholarship

    The Kazma Family Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships and supports education initiatives and other charitable activities. The Kazma family launched their Foundation in 1997 to provide scholarships for students that show financial need. Over the years, it has granted 1,000+ scholarships to college and high school students and has funded the construction of various schools and classrooms in Central America and the U.S.

    The Kazma Family Foundation Scholarship is a four-year renewable scholarship for students entering a Catholic high school in the Diocese of Joliet. New applications are only accepted for incoming freshman. An Awards Mass is held to present the scholarships to the winning students.

    To apply, applicants must submit the FACTS Management Grant and Aid Assessment application and the Kazma Family Foundation Scholarship application. Questions and additional information on the scholarship should be directed to the Catholic Education Foundation of the Diocese of Joliet.
  • Bishop Blanchette Scholarship

    The Joliet Diocesan Council of Catholic Women established the Bishop Blanchette Scholarship in 1982 as a living memorial to honor our late Bishop Romeo Blanchette. Scholarships in his name are made available each year to students seeking assistance to attend Catholic high schools in the Joliet diocese. An Awards Mass is held to present the scholarships to the winning students.

    This scholarship is available for students that:
    • Demonstrate a financial need (based upon FACTS submission)
    • Are registered in grades 9-11 in one of the Diocesan Catholic High Schools for the year they are applying for the scholarship
    • Maintain a C+ average
    The student must also submit the following:
    • A one page essay on “WHY A CATHOLIC EDUCATION IS OF VALUE TO ME”
    • A signed statement from the Pastor of their parish verifying that the candidate is a member
    • A signed statement from the Principal as to the student’s motivation, involvement and other related data
    • Grades for incoming freshman from grades 7 and 8 or a transcript from high school students
    • A statement from either the family or the Pastor or Principal of any known extenuating circumstances that would effect the selection, such as health or employment situations.
    Students can obtain application forms through their home parish CCW organization. Individual parish CCW groups review their respective applications and select one student from their parish to submit to the Diocese CCW group for consideration.
  • Council of Catholic Women Scholarships

    The CCW at many local parishes offer scholarship opportunities directly or through recommendation for the Diocese of Joliet Bishop Blanchette Scholarship. In the past IC Catholic Prep students have received these scholarships from Immaculate Conception, Visitation, St. Matthew and other parishes. Students should check with their parish CCW for scholarship opportunities.

Non-Profit Organization Scholarships

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  • Big Shoulders Scholarship

    Big Shoulders Fund provides more than 60 different types of scholarships to inner-city students. Their students come from every corner of Chicago and they represent the diversity of the city: 80 percent of the students are minorities, 70 percent are Catholic, and 61 percent are low-income. Big Shoulders’ mission is to provide students access to a quality, values-based education that helps them reach their potential. Click HERE to access more information regarding the options available.
  • Standing Tall Charitable Foundation Scholarship

    Registered students at IC Catholic Prep are eligible to apply for the Standing Tall Charitable Foundation Scholarship which provides the means to improve the lives of homeless, underserved and/or at-risk children. Please contact Mary Vitulli at 847-294-1123 for more information and the application.

Memorial & Family Funded Scholarships

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  • Brian E. Wagner Fund

    All students who apply for the scholarship will have to describe how they served as a positive example in the community and how they stood out as a leader among their peers. We invite you to take the responsibility and initiative to demonstrate your abilities as an outstanding example in the eyes of all those you come in contact with. It would be a privilege for you to be the next representative of our scholarship. Carry the torch Brian E. Wagner ignited during his lifetime. Your commitment to excellence will serve as an inspiration for other exemplary students to follow in your footsteps. Begin the application process at

    Qualifying Scholarship Criteria:
    • There is no GPA requirement, all students are encouraged to apply
    • Must have graduated 8th grade from a school in Elmhurst, IL. or be currently
    • enrolled at a high school in Elmhurst, IL.
    • Participated in a minimum of 3 extracurricular activities throughout time spent in high school
    • Submit a copy of your official high school transcript
    • Submit 2 letters of recommendation from a: teacher, coach, boss, community
    • leader, etc. that you have interacted with in the last 5 years
    • During years at high school, fulfilled 25 hours of volunteer outreach service with an organization that supports a cause you’d like to commit and contribute to
    • If selected as a finalist, submit proof of acceptance and enrollment to a: college,
    • trade school or institution of higher learning; for the upcoming fall semester.
  • Donald J. Strasser Scholarship

    Don graduated from The University of Notre Dame in 1952, where he played on the varsity basketball team during his last three years. From 1956 to 1962, Don served as head basketball coach, assistant football coach, and golf coach at IC. Don is remembered as a great teacher, coach and role model for students, as he always taught integrity, fairness and determination. He also carried these qualities throughout his personal life. Don was married to his late wife Mary for 60 years and they were blessed with six children. Five of which are IC alums: Don ’74, Joan ’75, Kevin ’76, Shawn ’77 and Mark ’83. A true testament to Don and Mary’s commitment to Catholic Education! To recognize Don’s many contributions to IC, Albert J. ’58 and Amy D. Roemer established the Donald J. Strasser Scholarship Fund. The scholarship will be awarded to an ICCP sophomore, who exemplifies Don’s spirit and meets the scholarship criteria. Click HERE to download an application form.
  • Dr. Don and Mary Hoffman Scholarship

    This scholarship will be awarded to either an incoming or current ICCP student each year who is eligible based on the criteria identified below. This scholarship award is $1,000 per year to a student who demonstrates financial need (as determined by administration). Student must maintain at least a B average (3.0 GPA) and provide service to their school, community or church.

    The scholarship is renewable if, as determined by administration, the student continues to meet the criteria as defined below.
    • Family Demonstrates Financial Need.
    • Student obtains Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better.
    • Student provides service to community, school and/or church.
    • Student to fill out 100-word essay: “Why being a student at ICCP is important to me”.
    Click HERE to download an application for. The completed form should be submitted to the ICCP Main Office.
  • Dr. Michael V. Hogan Memorial Science Scholarship

    The Hogan family has established the Michael V. Hogan Memorial Scholarship for students wishing to pursue studies in the sciences.

    Michael Hogan ‘74, grew up in Elmhurst and attended ICHS with four of his five brothers Kevin, Matthew, Neil, and twin brother Mark, while Edward Jr., the oldest, attended Fenwick. Michael’s parents, Edward and Marylin, strongly encouraged and believed in the principles of a Catholic secondary education.

    Michael enjoyed being part of the IC band and the golf team, continuing his association with golf by caddying during the summers. In the classrooms, Michael took several science classes, the beginning of the focal point of his life’s work. His love of biology and chemistry grew as he attended Illinois Benedictine College (IBC) in Lisle, IL. After graduating from IBC in 1978, he worked as a medical technologist and soon found he had a thirst for even more knowledge. Michael went on to receive his PhD in Biochemistry from Loyola and spent many years teaching and pursuing and publishing his research.

    Early in 2004, Michael was offered the opportunity to direct and expand the research program in the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences at the University of South Alabama (USA) in Mobile. He began teaching at the USA and laid plans to expand their research efforts by obtaining grant money for new equipment. He repaired old lab equipment so the students had proper facilities and launched work on a new curriculum that would expand the students’ opportunities. Plans included building a completely new research building to give USA a new core program. Before he had the opportunity to realize all his goals, Michael passed away suddenly in January of 2005.

    A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded each year to an ICCP student who exemplifies Michael’s spirit and enthusiasm for science, and who meets the following criteria:
    • Current junior at IC Catholic Prep enrolled in a third year of science and will be enrolled in a fourth year of science in the next academic year
    • Documented financial need
    • Service orientated (community, parish and ICCP)
    Click HERE to download an application form. The completed form should be submitted to the ICCP Main Office per the instructions on the application.
  • James R. Cervone Social Studies Scholarship

    This $500 scholarship is to be awarded to an ICCP student who demonstrates a passion for Social Studies, an engagement in world and national politics and a stellar work ethic. Character and relationships with peers and faculty will also be considered when evaluating candidates. Candidates must have taken Social Studies electives. This award shall not be based on highest grade point. No applications. Student must be an ICCP Freshman, Sophomore or Junior. Award shall be paid to ICCP towards student’s tuition, expenses or fees.
  • Kickoff for Kids Scholarship

    Kickoff for Kids is a non-profit organization working to enrich the lives of all children in Elmhurst and surrounding communities through family-centered programs focusing on Community, Education, and Health and Fitness. As the Co-Founder and Chairman of Kickoff for Kids, and an alumnus of the high school, Mike LaSpisa ’85 is committed to making a difference in our community.

    A partial scholarship (up to $2,000) will be awarded to an incoming freshman at IC Catholic Prep with verified financial need, community service experience and participation in extracurricular activities. In addition, the student must have a GPA of at least 3.0 (out of 4.0). A completed APPLICATION must be submitted to the ICCP Main Office per the instructions on the form.
  • Mary Guertler Memorial Scholarship

    In honor of the memory of ICHS Class of 1953 alum Mary Guertler and her commitment to Catholic Education.

    Mary’s Catholic faith was the cornerstone of her life. She attended mass daily. Mary was steadfast and selfless in her desire to provide each of her four children a Catholic education. No personal self-sacrifice was too great for her to achieve this vision. She went to work third shift as a Nursing Assistant at Elmhurst Hospital to ensure tuition was always covered. She specifically requested the PM shift so she was home for her children both before and after school. While a student at IC, Mary was involved in many activities including Latin Club, History Club, Volleyball, Baseball, Chorus, Eye See Staff, and Drama. Mary had an affinity for Plunkett Park, where she spent countless hours during her time in high school and beyond.

    Eligibility Requirements:
    • Current Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior (renewable if criteria is met)
    • Minimum GPA 3.0
    • Stewardship to both your parish and school
    • Liturgical/Youth Ministry Participation
    • Financial need
    Click HERE to download the application. The completed form should be submitted to the ICCP Main Office.
  • Palumbo Family Foundation

    The Palumbo Family Foundation strives to make a difference in two sectors of our communities in the Chicagoland area. One is providing scholarships to well-deserving students of lower-income families. Without scholarships, many of these students would not realize their dream of furthering their education. To learn more, visit here.
  • Phyllis Krisch Wisbrock Service Award Scholarship

    Awarded to female students enrolled in their sophomore year at ICCP who are service oriented, demonstrate service to ICCP, their parish/church, and community. Click HERE to download an application.
  • Reggie Van Eekeren Memorial Scholarship

    Vanee Foods has been family owned and operated since Joseph and Adriana Van Eekeren  first started the company in 1950. To honor the memory of this family and the company’s long-standing commitment to their employees and their families, as well as Catholic education, the Van Eekeren family established a unique scholarship opportunity.

    A one-year, full-tuition scholarship will be awarded to a student at IC Catholic Prep who demonstrates economic need and solid academic performance. Immigrant families who live in Berkeley, IL will receive special consideration. You must submit a completed APPLICATION to the ICCP Main Office per the instructions on the form. Students must reapply every year to be considered for that year’s scholarship.
  • The Christina Rose Smith Service Award

    Christina Rose, known by her family as “Chrissy,” was the epitome of living life to the fullest. A member of the class of 1983, Christina enjoyed being active and sharing all her time with friends, family and loved ones. She was passionate about being a friend and helping all including strangers; being present for all.

    Christina was an exceptional physical therapist professionally and personally to family members, friends and strangers that became her community. Her family and co-workers often noted that Christina offered her time and talent wherever and whenever possible. Christina never turned down an opportunity to help another in need.

    Chrissy was a daughter, sister, super aunt, cousin, friend, neighbor, athlete, mentor, and community supporter. She juggled those roles with love in her heart and unending energy and dedication.

    The Christina Rose Service Award is a one-year, partial scholarship ($2,500) which will be awarded to an incoming or current freshman, sophomore or junior student who embodies the same love of life, commitment to service and leadership as Christina did in and out of school. This award will be applied toward the recipient’s tuition during the 2022-2023 school year.

    1. Incoming or current Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior at IC Catholic Prep
    2. Student who displays leadership, honor, and service
    3. Demonstrated Financial Need
    4. Application deadline March 1st to the Main Office
    To apply, fill out the application here.
  • The Dyer Family Scholarship

    The Dyer scholarship fund was established as a memorial to Clifford & Mary by their children. The family was heavily involved in the Elmhurst community and were alumni of Immaculate Conception Grade School and IC Catholic Prep. In addition to placing a high value on academics, specifically mathematics and engineering, the family has a strong passion for music and leadership through scouting.

    A partial scholarship will be awarded to an incoming freshman at IC Catholic Prep with economic need and solid academic performance. Once received, the scholarship is renewable each year for the subsequent three years as long as the student’s grade point average is maintained at a 3.0 or better and there are no disciplinary issues through the course of the year. Click HERE to download an application form.
  • The Kevin and Julie D. Foundation Scholarship for the Performing Arts

    Julie Carr D’Agostino, IC Catholic Prep (formerly Immaculate Conception High School) Class of 2011, loved theater and music and participated in each of the stage productions during her four years of high school. She lit up the world with her smile and lit up the stage with her singing, dancing, and acting. Julie was born with Cystic Fibrosis – a hereditary, genetic, and life-threatening disorder. Since birth, Julie courageously battled this awful, progressive disease and she ultimately lost that battle in August of 2015. Julie will be forever known for her strength, faith, determination, respect, tenacity, kindness, and the unwillingness to ever give up even with the odds stacked against her. Julie taught us about compassion and what it means to be a fighter. Her unforgettable laugh, bright smile, and beautiful singing voice will always resonate in the hearts of those who knew her.

    To honor Julie’s memory, her family has established this one-year $2500 tuition scholarship to be awarded to an incoming IC Catholic Prep Freshman that shows a dedication and love of the performing arts. Click HERE for the application and to learn more about Julie. You must submit a completed application to the ICCP Main Office per the instructions on the form in order to be considered. A committee will review all applications, taking into consideration all materials submitted. All applicants will receive written notification regarding the scholarship awarded.
  • The Terry Doherty Memorial Scholarship

    The Terry Doherty Memorial Scholarship has been established to provide financial assistance and reward young artists of outstanding aptitude and promise in the visual arts.

    Terry Doherty, a proud member of the IC class of 1991, enjoyed his years at IC more than most! Though he never achieved high accolades for his art, on the football field or in his classes, he is remembered as a Leader in kindness, fun and in life by a former teacher.

    After leaving IC, Terry became a commercial fisherman. Along with five shipmates, Terry was lost at sea on November 15,1995 off the coast of Donegal in Ireland’s worst fishing tragedy. After months of searching, The Carrickatine, and its crew of six were never found.

    Terry enjoyed his art classes at IC and continued drawing after graduation. There are many sketches still around of Irish scenery, George H. Bush and even Charlie Brown with Terry’s signature.

    A partial scholarship (up to $2,500) will be awarded to a current freshman, sophomore or junior student which will be applied toward his/her tuition. The applicant must have a passion for visual arts.

    1. Current Freshman, Sophomore or Junior at IC Catholic Prep
    2. Outstanding aptitude and promise in the visual arts
    3. Strong Academic Record
    Note: All information provided will be kept extremely CONFIDENTIAL.

    Click HERE to download an application form. The completed form should be submitted to the ICCP Main Office per the instructions on the application.
  • Thomas J. Fahey Memorial Scholarship

    Thomas J. Fahey was a devoted father to Molly Fahey ’17 and husband to Amy Fahey, former ICCP President 2016-2017 and longtime board member. Tom’s Catholic faith and love of his family was the cornerstone of his life.  Tom was a dedicated coach through the Elmhurst Knights Basketball Program and an active parent at ICCP.  His commitment to the school’s mission of developing spirit, mind, and body of each student was evident through his commitment to his daughter’s success at IC Catholic Prep and beyond. 

    To honor the memory of Thomas J. Fahey and his commitment to Catholic Education, a scholarship fund has been established in his name for an incoming Freshmen girl.  The $1,000 scholarship is renewable annually for those students meeting requirements. Click HERE to download an application. 
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